Uninstalling and Completely Removing all Traces of InstaBuy

To uninstall InstaBuy from your Shopify store, click 'Apps' and then the trash can icon next to InstaBuy.

This will cancel your subscription and automatically deactivate your embed code at the bottom of layout/theme.liquid.

If you would like to completely remove all traces of InstaBuy from your theme:

  • Open Online Store > Themes in your Shopify admin
  • Click 'Actions' next to your published theme, then 'Edit Code'
  • Click layout/theme.liquid on the left, scroll down to the bottom of the code on the right and delete {% include 'instabuy' %}. Don't delete any other code.
  • Find snippets/instabuy.liquid in the list on the left hand side, click it, then click the 'Delete' button. Repeat for templates/collection.instabuy-data.liquidtemplates/search.instabuy-data.liquid and templates/product.instabuy-data.liquid.

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